Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Snow?????

Finally finishing up the storage unit furniture move from Los Angeles to Mammoth we prepared for a great BBQing weekend along with a little tree planting. Plans were thwarted when the snow started falling. In the interest of making lemonade out of lemons, "let's go snowboarding!" It was perfect because we got to try out our new snowboard boots to verify they were comfy. I quickly learned that boarding on sloppy boots for 5+ years makes for a very interesting learning curve when you finally have proper equipment. I would liken it to going from the very first computer I ever played on, a Kaypro II to a modern day Mac overnight.

Not only did I quickly learn how much I had been compensating I also realized my very poor form as the new boots forced me into a proper stance. I think I shall be doing constant squats all summer as to prepare me for the next season because talk about a thigh master! Here I am snowboarding with a cute little 8-year-old on skis and I am scared to go on the flats because I feel so out of control in these new boots. I was so sure I was going to do a huge face plant the moment the slope went away. I am sure I looked way cool slowing down for the flats.

By the end of the day I finally found my groove but my poor legs couldn't keep up. You really do use different muscles for every type of sport and my lack of proper snowboarding stance has obviously helped my legs to become lazy. I am sure every dancer will laugh at me because they know all about using the right muscles to prevent here I come!

We ended the great weekend with a dinner with friends where I got to practice my southern style dry rub on ribs. No grill due to the snow, but still yummy. The next morning we did manage to thaw the ground enough to plant the trees. Let's hope they make it through the summer big and strong. So for all of you who enjoyed a summer like Memorial Day weekend I am a little jealous and a little not :) The tulips were covered in snow but still standing, if they can handle more snow than so can I.