Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Box Maze

I thoroughly understand that planning ahead of time makes everything easier. By slowly packing up your home the move day will be much easier as a whole. For the first time ever, I had the time, no I MADE the time to be sure to pack at least one box every night in order to keep things simple during the great relocation. I am not sure I truly thought through my "plan." While on the outside it seems like the perfect scheme, by the 23rd of the month you are living in a box maze in which you cannot find anything. Literally everything I need seems to be in a box and not just any box but always the bottom box.

I think in the course of finding things I have used more tape than an entire moving company. I am also sure I have broken almost every toe in my foot. You never realize how ingrained your spacial relationship with your home is until you move something or entirely change the layout. You would think for how clumsy I have become I must have surely broken every bone in my body by now. How is it I can kick the same box 20 times? It's not like I don't see it but my foot refuses to acknowledge the box's presence. Instead it just slams right into it sending my writhing in pain. I am kind of amazed my shoes still fit at this point.

My husband is having a jolly old time living in the box maze. You see, he hasn't packed ANY of his things and kitchen supplies missing just means he gets to eat out. As long as I don't touch the TV, Wii, or cable box we are all good. He sees the boxes as extra surfaces to place his Big Gulp cups on despite the fact they do that fun rippling thing with the top of the box because of the moisture. Yet another punishment for being a planner. I know one thing, it is going to be way easier for me to unpack than for him. I can see the great dumping fiasco already, no rhyme or reason, everything just in boxes. My stuff will have a home. Of course that also means I will spend all my time finding his stuff for him but I'm the one who signed on the dotted line.

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