Monday, November 8, 2010

Ode to a Pancake, I Miss You!

Leaving West Hollywood was a bit traumatic for me. I don't want to sound overly dramatic about the whole thing, but when you have lived in the hustle and bustle of WeHo for awhile you become accustomed to certain things. These include but are not limited to the interesting "working girls" near the donut shop, the screaming Russians who live upstairs and seem to always sound as though they are bowling, the constant din of helicopters chasing Paris Hilton, Lilo, or any number of other celebs living in the area, taking a six dollar cab ride to the Sunset Strip, or walking to the Melrose Improv.

None of these things compare to being walking distance to both the Grove (shopping and movies) and The Griddle. The Griddle won me over to the side of the pancake. You see I only eat waffles or crepes I believe pancakes to be the spawn of Satan. BUT, pumpkin pancakes at the Griddle are like pumpkin pie for breakfast. You have to know the secret because even splitting just one you won't finish it and if you place an order they bring you THREE plate sized pancakes. According to the employees, they have only ever seen 2 people finish them and one immediately proceeded to toss his pancakes. Pair these delicious pancakes with the Papas Y Benedict...served on potato skins instead of English muffins and DROWNING in Hollandaise sauce: you have a feast for at least four people!

Chris burnt himself out on the Griddle, despite my warnings. When I first introduced him we went every time he was in WeHo. We never had to wait in line as we would get it to go and eat at home. That led to me meeting Nikki Sixx and him not which added to the mystique of the place as I had already refused to give my table at the Griddle to Tommy Lee once. This celebrity refusal was a major source of contention as Tommy Lee supposedly should get whatever he wants in Chris's book, Motley being his favorite band, but I digress. We had recently started going again because of all the guests in town prior to the wedding. After the burn out, saving it for far away guests made it special again. Our re-addiction was complete when I found a new pancake to love. The Griddle found a way to make a RED VELVET pancake with a CREAM CHEESE drizzle! Red Velvet is my favorite cake. I am not just some band wagon addition to the sudden influx of red velvet everything across the country. This pancake is a culinary dream come true for me. So yummy and perfect. The cream cheese on the top slightly melts into the chocolaty goodness of the fluffy red cake below. It is simply scrumptious.

We had our Last Breakfast at the Griddle (of course we can still go there, we just can't walk and we have to **gasp** wait in line!) and all I could think is that I had not gotten enough time with my new found love. It seemed so sad to part ways with such a delectable treat. I miss you pancake!

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  1. oh you're making me so hungry! I want a pumpkin pancake!