Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Month of Change

We are pretty settled into life, even if most of our stuff has yet to be moved. Trying to keep up three locations is ridiculously difficult. I am scheduling meetings in the city while applying for jobs in both Mammoth and Carson City and attempting to spend time with the hubby. We are very lucky to have the support of friends and family as we navigate the constant change we are experiencing.

We had a wonderful anniversary weekend in Tahoe where we pretty much did nothing. I never thought doing nothing could be so good, but after all the upheaval it was very much worth it. Of course, it was strange to walk downstairs in the hotel and find out the convention in town was the California Coroner's Association. But we made it through our first year. Jobs, lost jobs, 2 moves and hopefully on the path to a little bit of settling...but life always throws a curveball or two, right?

Then it was back down to the city for back to back meetings and packing. I was able to attend a going away Thanksgiving for Brett, Stace and Kyla. They are off to Morocco and I can't wait to visit. It was great getting to hang out and drink some wine. Then, last meeting on the way out of town was at Sony. Imagine driving your truck, filled with boxes onto the lot. Furniture, boxes and junk were spilling over the edge. The gate guard thought I was dropping stuff off for production when I had to explain it was merely my stuff. He definitely looked at me with a puzzled expression, wondering if I was homeless I am sure.

Met the hubby in Mammoth for some wooding. I said that to my Dad and he thought it was a cute term for hiking. No, this means pulling out chainsaws, going into the woods and cutting apart wood for winter heat. Then I think my Dad just thought I was crazy. John and Cheree came to help us with the second day of wooding. We averted dropping the truck down a large embankment due to John's calm demeanor, got the truck and trailer out of the sand with lots of back and forth rocking and at the end of the day headed into town for yummy Mexican food.

I was suddenly reminded of what it is like to live in a small town as we ran into two old friends back to back. It was nice to see friendly faces again. Needless to say...got all the work done and now it is back to work! Hopefully things will calm down over the next few weeks and one of the jobs I want will pan out. Sorry I don't have anything particularly funny to talk about, but I am sure I will find something in the very near future.....

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