Sunday, September 26, 2010

Post-Wedding Motivation....

So, obviously my first shot at a blog did not last very long. The sudden onset of inspiration quickly faded in the light of all the "real world" things to do such as making deadlines for work and planning a wedding. But as I sit basking in my post-wedding glow, I find myself re-inspired. It seems everywhere I turn while expanding my writing potential, everyone wants to link to one blog or another, so it behooves me to actually get this up and running. The truth is in that, I need to find an angle. If I am going to be the "blogger" what will my angle be in order to get people to take a look at what I write, well in order to extend beyond family and friends.

The answer, of course, seems obvious, given my new change in status and name. I think I should document the many changes that will happen in my world now that I have become married. For anyone out there looking to get married or who has recently gotten married, be sure to check out Jenny Lee's book, "I Do, I Did, Now What" as she is extremely witty and is actually intimidating me as we speak. Only in my head, but living up to her very insightful look back at the beginning of her marriage I am not yet convinced I have anything to offer. We never know unless we this will be my beginning. The world is full of advice. I am just hoping my recounts will lead others to see a bit of themselves in the process and maybe find a bit of inspiration, decent ideas, and a way to laugh through everything that seems life altering in the process of getting married.

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