Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today is the Day

I am not even going to pretend I had time to post this blog on my wedding day, but I did want to do a post-posting of how grateful I am to my friends and family for all they did to make our day special. Everyone traveled a long way to be a part of our event and we felt so very loved. From Stella calling in the troops to make the bonfire flawless, the Davis family making sure our centerpieces were lovely, my Mom for staying amazingly calm and keeping me so, my Dad for being the wonderful support he is always and keeping me in the moment, my new in-laws (all of them) for being a great place to turn when we needed anything, our bridal party for taking care of all the details, Dawn for making me stay on track: basically this list could go on and on and on. We love you all and we had the best time at our wedding. We are spoiled by my Dad for throwing it, Chris's dad for throwing the rehearsal dinner and all of our friends and family for coming together to put water bottles together, design things, stick things, place things, and then show up and be in the perfect party mood.

I am not sure if the wind made us all a little crazy but I know I could have kept dancing the rest of the night. I have already begun putting the photo booth photos in the book because I am all about instant gratification! Thank you everyone! Okay, the rest of this blog will be for all people not just wedding people ;)

If you feel inspired check out Father of the Bride, Gretchen, my Mom, Mallory and I watched it while prepping the wedding supplies...still funny after all these years.

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