Wednesday, October 6, 2010


When I first moved to California it seemed like no big deal there were not any Chick-Fil-As in the area. It's not like I needed to be eating fried chicken sandwiches often. Of course after a few years in Mammoth and relocation to the LA area it was time to find at least one store as I heard murmurings of such a place in the Del Amo mall. This is right around the time I had met Carrie, a fellow Chick-Fil-A lover and misser. We decided to take a pilgrimage down to the elusive "mall" to find our treat. I don't think either of us realized Del Amo was a fancy name for in the middle of Compton and Watts. Needless to say we were a tad bit concerned but we were already there. Other than passing through the Atlanta airport this was our only sandwich in a very long time.

Flash forward a few years to Chris and I dating. He lived in Orange County and I in LA. It was no secret I am not a huge fan of the OC but when I discovered a Chick-Fil-A on the freeway between our homes I couldn't help but be happy. I endured endless amounts of ridicule from my then boyfriend. How could this be so important and good? In need of defense I began to collect other Chick lovers. Ben Perry at one point found the crumpled bag of a secret stop on my way to set one morning. He ran in the building and shoved the bag in my face and simply said, "What part of I love Chick-Fil-A did you NOT understand!?" This began to scare Chris a little as I seemed to gather a gang of Chick-Fil-A followers. Mine and Carrie's pilgrimage began to expand to a large group of obsessed despite her relocation to Florida. Couple that with the incessant commercials playing during all SEC games our trips tended to become more frequent in the fall. The mocking continued.

I finally put an end to the teasing with a simple one-two punch. One...there was a group of over a hundred people who slept out in the cold waiting for the opening of a new store in Hollywood. See, at least I am not THAT crazy. Two...I found the video of the Christian comedian who wrote an entire ode to the lovely, wonderful sandwiches and waffle fries. I have finally managed to get Chris to taste one, but he was not as impressed as he should have been. I think it was the build up, he expected too much. But thanks to my fellow Chick-Fil-A worshippers he does allow me a stop whenever we are traveling somewhere that has the tasty treat. Did I mention the diet lemonade??? Yum!

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