Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Friends, the Packing, and the Football

I have found the perfect solution to packing dullness: be unable to say "no" to any of your friends when they want to drop by. Your living room becomes a wreck/disaster filled with people you enjoy drinking beer and helping you mock your own things. It makes it much easier to part with the random deck of cards you still have despite the fact you are pretty sure it is only three quarters full. You will inevitably find photos and papers to reminise over and they will keep you going when you would have long since given up.

Now I am on a bit of a schedule. While technically I have a month to pack, I am leaving for a week to go to a friend's wedding...well, I am in the wedding, and I would like to have a garage sale a week before we move. Thereby I have decided I have to pack at least one box a day between now and when I leave. Seems simple enough. First, I find my 1994 Acer laptop...yeah, that's right, I am cool, I had a laptop in 1994. It had a whopping 64MB of memory and 32 MB of RAM...and a FLOPPY drive! Why do I still have this? I don't know. Has it made it to the trash? Not yet.

The nice things about having friends is you start to hand out things that you don't really want to get rid of but if it goes to a home not far away it doesn't seem like you are getting rid of it. Win/win. So the dolphin statue has found a home and some books...and then Michael Vick ends up taken out of the game and cheering errupts. Ben shows up with food and we drink some beer....and it becomes increasingly easier to throw away files and papers and anything that I just don't feel like packing.

As if the computer was not enough to mock, then you find multiple rolls of undeveloped film. That's right, film. While I can't imagine I ever took any photos I would be terribly embarrassed by the thought of developing questionable film...what's on it? Who's on it? When's it from? When's the last time I used a FILM camera? I must admit I am curious and terrified all in the same breath.

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