Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby Shower or Apartment Ruining Event with Bad Juju?

One thing you don't really think about when you are moving in together is the scheduling of time when it comes to your home. I know I definitely thought about losing my "alone" time and my "guilty TV" time, I even thought about how it affected my time with friends, but I didn't really think about the collective scheduling requirements in order to make my world run yet not step on the toes of my new roommate/husband.

You see, on days off we often have similar interests and desires. Since we are both avid football fans, we don't even have the weekend issues other couples might. But when you want to use the apartment for something like a baby shower, this is pretty much the same as announcing you are using the place for a mass suicide. Boys and baby showers are like cats and water, I felt as thought Chris thought the place would need a complete disinfection post a bunch of girls spending time in our home. You would think he thought pregnancy was contagious.

To top it off the baby shower was scheduled for a big football weekend. At first it all seemed like things would be perfect as he was going on boys weekend up in the mountains at the same time. Then when the work schedule did not allow for such an adventure I had a husband who wanted nothing more than to watch the Army/Navy game on our new big screen TV but I had 25 girls heading to our place. Luckily, the weather decided to cooperate and I have never seen Chris work so fast. We were able to relocate the entire shower in a matter of minutes to outside by the pool, which left the apartment as the perfect man-cave for football viewing. While he did have to put up with the giggling girls as they entered and exited it was not nearly the imposing force he thought it would be.

This time it worked out...but what about next time? I realize it is always a balance, but what is the magical formula? You see I am the guilt ridden one so I feel badly for taking over the space. He is the wanting to please one so he would never intentionally make me feel badly and he wants me happy so he will likely say yes to just about anything. Does this make the perfect balance because I won't abuse the privilege and he will always say yes? Only time will tell for sure, but I think I might have lucked into one of the most easy compromises in our marriage...we shall see.

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