Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gay Pride and Boys....

Last weekend was gay pride or "pride" weekend in Long Beach. A number of events took place celebrating alternative lifestyles. One of the events was a comedy show featuring Wanda Sykes. Our friend, Barry, purchased tickets to the show without realizing it was pride weekend, he just likes her comedy and thought his wife would enjoy the night out.

Best laid plans and all that jazz, foiled by 103 degree temperature, Marci needed to stay home with their daughter. We talked about getting another ticket for me to go but I was wishy-washy as I had lots of work to get done, why don't the boys just go solo? Right. I have never seen two guys who have gay friends and are fine with gay people be so scared they were going to be mistaken for a gay couple. It was HILARIOUS. Seriously? So what if people you don't even know think you are gay? What does it matter? Apparently to straight men this is still a big deal. So much so the discussion actually diverted to whether or not they could wear their wedding rings as people might think they were married to each other. I quickly pointed out a gay married couple would have matching rings so they would be fine. I would have thought they were attempting to be "swinging single" again, but at a gay pride comedy show I don't think either of them wanted to be considered single either....

After we ate the guys still had me walk with them to the theater in case we could find a ticket. I am pretty certain they never had any plans of letting me leave without finding me a ticket while in my head I didn't think I was getting in. I had no purse, no cell phone, nothing with me except 30 bucks on the off chance we found a cheap ticket. Well, we did and I got to go to the show. It was a great show, Wanda was very funny and no one thought Barry and Chris were a married couple. Silly boys. I decided to put up a very "straight" photo of the two of them before a concert...maybe they did have a reason to be concerned?

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